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In colorful stories
we meet children from various
cultural backgrounds
Who will share with us glimpses
of their everyday lives.
As we read their stories, we learn
what childhood should not be
like, and we ask ?who will give
these children the chance to
return to school? Who will grant
them the opportunity to play with
their friends? Who will provide
them with a safe home? Who
will bring them justice? And who
will preserve their right to free
Where are their rights?
What is their future?
In this book, we solve the cases of
Loubna, Shams, Maryam, Nora,
Asha, Ziad, and thousands of
other children around the world.
This project was developed
in cooperation between Dar
AlMoualef, and the authors and
illustrators who worked together
to highlight the cause of children?s
rights. It urges us to think how we
can provide a safe home for every
child, so they can feel confident
and full of hope, and how we
can keep them in school and
insure that their toys promote joy,
education and imagination.

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