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Asmaa Horoufy program is a comprehensive educational package to help children develop pronunciation, reading, writing, phonemic awareness, processing speed and many other educational and cognitive skills.
Asmaa Horoufy program is based on deliberate strategies to improve the phonemic awareness, reading and writing of students who have weak skills.
The program employs the visual and auditory senses and motor techniques in order to teach and reinforce vocal concepts.
– This program develops the concept of phonemic awareness among students to enable them link between the sound and the letter.
– Direct teaching of the relationship between written sounds and symbols is done to improve the student’s ability to read words.
– The program includes exercises and sequential activities to develop phonemic awareness by teaching the child to know the places of production of linguistic sounds and how these sounds are produced and how these sounds are formed together to form words and sentences, with the ability to realize the similarities and differences between these sounds.

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