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  • Anbar, the ugly cat


    Anbar a very ugly cat that lives in a neighborhood full of several kinds of cats and dogs. But, Anbar is always embarrassed from his shape and everybody laughs at him, until one day he heard of a race contest between all the cats in the hood, let’s read what happened in the story.

  • I am glad being a Kid


    He is a genius, with strong imagination, this kid wishes to stay a child where he can eat as much chocolate and candy as he can, dream, play and never get worried. But what will happen if he gets big??

  • Story of the Red Shirt


    Our story is not based on a normal shirt; it is a red shirt who loves freedom & life. Lets read the story to find out what happened with the red shirt.

  • Ziad, the Talented Boy


    Ziad is a clever boy who loves music and playing the guitar, he is also a fan of musical shows. Ziad asked his mother to be a singer and guitar player, but she refused. It’s the End of the Year’s party, and Ziad is hiding a surprise on his mother!!!